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At Cunningham Law, we work to bridge the divides between law, business and community, by venturing beyond the mere practice of law into the business and non-profit worlds of our clients – to join clients’ efforts to build value, resolve conflicts or promote the public interest. In doing so, we strive to provide solutions that make legal, business and social sense.

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“I had the ideas and even had the first two patents. What I didn’t have was a business; that is, until I met Cal. He put it together, wrote the pitch deck, the offering documents and helped us land our first seed investment. Overnight, he became the critical lynchpin in my team, and now we’ve got a real shot at disrupting the building products market.”

– Travis Williamson President and CEO, Timber Illusion Designs, LLC

“Cal is hardworking, responsive, creative and resourceful when it comes to advancing our real estate interests. When the City of Durham condemned some of our family land, his work led to a payment 2½ times higher than their highest offer. When a developer made an offer to purchase a valuable tract, Cal made sure the terms were right. Did I mention that he seems to know everyone in North Carolina? In my business experience, his ability to find the right resource in each situation is unparalleled.”

– Kathryn Booth Butler Manager, J.E. Booth Farms, LLC

“I took a complicated real estate title problem to several other law firms over two years. No one could figure out how to solve it. Then I met Cal Cunningham and four months later, it was all resolved in my favor. I have already hired him to help with another major business challenge – and am counting on him now as part of my team in future decisions too.”

– Fahad Ahmed President, Farzana Investment, LLC
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